High Heels 2

About game

At all times, there were different fashion trends. Ancient women wore loose tunics; in the Middle Ages, beauties shone with lush dresses, huge wigs and splendid jewelry. Then, the trend was corsets, pulling the waist down to incredibly thin sizes. Nowadays fashion is more democratic, and everyone can wear what they like. If you are not a fan of glamorous style, you may well be content with regular jeans and sneakers. But still, there is something attractive in dresses and shoes for girls – it is not for nothing that this particular outfit is considered the most elegant and beautiful. And of course, few people can imagine an elegantly dressed lady without high heels. In this game you have to walk in high-heeled shoes and experience all the delights, as well as all the difficulties of such a fashion show!

In High Heels 2, the action doesn’t take place on ordinary streets or even on fashion catwalks. You don’t have to pace in front of admiring men eyes or camera flashes. You will swim through the levels at unattainable heights, on the roofs of skyscrapers and in other incredible locations. What will the gameplay be like? No, it’s not about walking through the screen as gracefully and smoothly as possible. Our heroine is not looking for easy ways, so she readily climbs to the top floors of high-rise buildings, struts up a spiral staircase leading to heaven, and balances on narrow bridges, from which she can fall into the abyss at any moment. Moreover, she does this by no means always at a calm pace. At some levels, you will run, jump, somersault – in general, not only any model, but also a professional acrobat will envy you.

And the most pleasant thing in the game is the number of accessories and, of course, shoes that you can buy for the coins you earn. Between the levels, our heroine, like any girl, prefers to relax while shopping. Going to the game store, you will see many beautiful things that you will immediately want to put on yourself. There are wonderful pendants, graceful bracelets, and sparkling earrings. Your eyes will literally be overflown with this splendor calling out to you. You can even buy a crown and wear it on your head! This will not affect the passage of the levels, but it will be more pleasant to the eye. After all, all girls want to be beautiful! Show what you are capable of and how much you know about fashion playing High Heels 2!

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