High Heels

About game

Walking on high heels is a real art. It’s not enough just to intuitively move your legs, letting your reflexes and your body do all the work for you. You should be as focused as possible, especially if you don’t have any experience with wearing such shoes yet. To gait gracefully and smoothly, you need to keep balance. Otherwise, not looking very elegant is the last thing you risk – even worse, you can stumble and fall. Keep in mind that legs in high heels don’t stand on the ground with a full sole, but only with a toe – the entire body weight falls on a thin heel, which will stagger on uneven surfaces. Will you be able to overcome a number of obstacles and prove that high heels are your thing? Then welcome to this wonderful game!

Your task here is to control a girl who moves in high-heeled shoes through different levels. As usual in such arcades, the first locations will be the simplest, and you will not have any particular difficulties with the gameplay. This is done so the player can get used to the controls and feel more confident in the later levels. After all, this is where the most difficult thing begins! You will have a real test – you will walk along a narrow bridge hanging between two skyscrapers, climb the steps to the very heavens and balance on a thin bar. Each deviation to the side can end up with your heroine falling down, and then it will no longer matter how beautiful and fashionable she looks in her shoes. So you need to try your best and make sure that nothing happens to her. Although it is only virtual, it certainly hurts to fall, especially from such a height!

Moreover, with each level, the heels will become higher and higher! In the end they will get almost as tall as the poor girl herself. What can you do, these are the requirements of fashion, and all beauties who want to be considered stylish should follow them! Therefore, there is nothing to complain about, you need to gather your will into a fist and move on to the locations, which will become more and more extreme every time. But do believe, if you can pass all the levels in this game, in real life high heels will be no big deal to you! You will easily walk down the street in them and everyone will wonder where such lightness and grace come from. And only you alone will know the secret – the whole point is that you have spent more than one evening playing High Heels! Improve your strutting skills in this great game!

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