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Every girl dreams of being a star. She imagines herself walking graciously and lightly through a crowd of gaping men whose head turn in her direction. And at moment like those, she most definitely wears a pair of high-heeled shoes. There is something classy and classic about this type of footwear. Even though we live in the age of total freedom that also spans the requirements of style, a girl will hardly feel as astonishing in sneakers as in glamorous magenta pumps. However, there is a problem with high heels that’s hard to deny – it’s really challenging to wear them. And the degree of challenges rises proportionally to the size of the heels. What are you about to do if you want to wear shoes like that, but you have no practice in it? The answer is easy – you just have to play High Heels and improve your skills!

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High Heels Game Play Online For Free

Overcome all the hurdles without falling!

The game is getting started and we meet our heroine. She is a typical fashion junkie who begins her path one moderate-sized heels and is about to conquer the podium that is waiting for her at the end of the level. However, there is still a long way to it and it’s strewn with obstacles. As you walk down the road, you will suddenly come across a huge gap in it that you can span only by doing a split. Or suddenly you approach the edge of the abyss and there is just a think shaky bridge thrown over it. You have no option but to pull your courage and balance together and step on it hoping you won’t tumble down.

These obstacles can be quite tricky even if they seem easy to overcome at first. And every mistake you make might result in you losing your shoes altogether! As you can guess, in that case you’ll have to start the level from scratch. But at least you’ll gain more and more experience every time and will become a real pro after some time! Don’t forget to pick up diamonds and gold keys that are lying all over the level. Of course, it will be rather difficult to get to them because they are stashed in hard-to-reach places. But they will give you additional points and coins that can be spent on buying amazing jewelry and other fancy stuff for your heroine. They aren’t particularly useful in passing the game, but they do warm your heart.

Collect shoes and maximize your heels!

The most important thing though is collecting all the heels you can find on the level. These small bonuses are vital for completing the trial with splendor. The thing is that the podium gets higher and higher as you move through the game. And, consequently, your heels must keep up. These little shoes you pick up while passing another location can then be combined and turned into one giant pair of shoes with colossal heels that will make you literally sky-high. And what can be more delightful for a girl who dreams of being a fashion queen than walking in the clouds! In general, High Heels is a great game with simple but vibrant graphics, intuitive control, not too challenging, but also not so easy levels and even some accessorizing. Start playing it online right now and start your way to the highest fashion standards!

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